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    by Published on 09-05-2013 10:45 PM
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    Hank Williams, Jr.’s tour schedule may include just 25 to 30 dates a year, but it’s not because of a lack of energy or fire in his belly. That’s clear on many of the songs from his latest album, ‘Old School New Rules.’ Plus, his most loyal fans — including those at the Koka Booth Amiptheatre in Cary, N.C. on Aug. 30 — will testify that on stage Bocephus hasn’t lost a step.

    Politics and football (specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers) are two of Williams, Jr.’s other passions, and while he’s hesitant to get into the former (although he does hint at something in his future), he was happy to talk about the latter in an interview with Taste of Country. The legend took time to answer questions via email this week (Questions and answers were edited slightly for consistency.)

    ToC: Football season begins soon. What teams do you like to get to the Super Bowl and why?

    Hank Williams, Jr.: I am and always have been a football guy. My relationship with ‘Monday Night Football’ lasted 21 years, which is unprecedented for any theme song to be on the air that long. I am excited about this year, not sure on the teams just yet. Preseason has started and some rookies look good, while some veterans don’t looks so hot. It will be interesting to see.

    Now, I will tell you, I think we all need to watch the SEC. Those colleges have some pretty good teams now!

    Now that you’ve started your own record label, have you found any challenges that you never realized or appreciated while you were on Curb?

    My time with Curb ended and I had options. But my whole career, I have done things my way and the way that I wanted. So when it came time to record new music, my manager suggested that I start my own label, because so many other artists had been doing so. We did and formed a partnership with Blaster Records for promotion, and they had a deal with Warner Brothers for distribution. Remember, all my records were distributed through Warner Brothers anyway, so I still had some of the same people working the record as when I was on Curb. I have learned that I have freedom to do what I want, and that the fans are still buying my records. We have sold almost 100,000 albums with very little radio support. I have some loyal fans.
    by Published on 07-06-2012 07:38 PM
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    (PHOTO BY THOMAS NEWTON) NASHVILLE, Tenn. – June 25, 2012 -- Hank Williams, Jr. world premiered his new video, “That Ain’t Good,” on CMT, Monday, June 25. Fans can tune in to see the video currently playing on the network, as well as during “CMT Top 20 Countdown” on Friday, June 29 at 11 am ET/PT. The video was also posted on CMT.com where it is currently #1.

    In addition, FOX 17 will run a special behind-the-scenes story of the making of “That Ain’t Good,” which was partially shot on location at the station tonight (Monday, June 25) during “FOX 17 News at 9:00.”

    Filmed on location in Nashville, “That Ain’t Good” provides a sultry, rhythmic look at a man at the end of his rope, propelled by a sterling Hank Jr. performance that gets completely inside the character.

    “I’ve had that song for several years,” says Hank Jr. of the single. “I took my dobro to a completely different type of tuning, and it’s one of those that just has that kind of flow to it. And it’s got that really serious aspect to it, too, about people blowing themselves up, and your kids ask, ‘why do people do that?’ How do you answer that? That ain’t good. To me, that song is me. ‘I used to like to go fishin’, sold my boat and motor, something aint’ right about this.’ That ain’t good.”

    Old School, New Rules is Williams’ first album on his new imprint, Bocephus Records. The twelve-song package includes Hank, Jr.’s new single, “That Ain’t Good”, a duet with Brad Paisley on “I’m Gonna Get Drunk And Play Hank Williams” as well as a new duet version of Merle Haggard’s classic “I Think I’ll Just Sit Here and Drink” with the Hall of Famer himself. Trace Adkins also lends his vocal talent to a line on a separate track. Bocephus Records is licensed to Blaster Entertainment and distributed by Warner Music Nashville.

    Old School, New Rules is set for release on July 10, 2012. The 12-song package is available for pre-sale now at www.hankjr.com.
    by Published on 07-05-2012 06:53 PM
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    HWJR OSNR cvr smHank Jr featured in Walmart Soundcheck Series

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 5, 2012) – Hank Williams, Jr. is set to receive a wave of national media attention surrounding the release of his new studio album, Old School, New Rules on July 10 (Blaster Entertainment/Bocephus Records).

    Look for performances from Hank on CBS This Morning’s “Second Cup Café” on Saturday, July 7 in the 8 am ET hour as well as FOX News Channel’s “Huckabee” this Saturday, July 7 at 8 pm ET (and a repeat on Sunday) where he’ll perform his current single, “That Ain’t Good.”

    CMT debuts Hank’s “Live from Nashville” on Monday, July 9, GAC speaks to Hank for “On the Streets” airing July 17, and Walmart’s “Soundcheck” Series begins broadcasting a stellar performance from Hank and his band in stores across the nation beginning this week. He’ll also be featured on FOX 411’s “Country Roundup.”

    Look for coverage of Old School, New Rules, in Parade Magazine on July 8, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Washington Post, AP, Country Weekly on July 16 (July 9 street date), and the October issue of Cowboys & Indians (on newsstands August 28).

    by Published on 07-03-2012 10:44 PM
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    Nashville, Tenn. (June 6, 2012) – In an unprecedented pairing of two country music superstars, Hank Williams, Jr. and Brad Paisley wowed a national television audience performing their duet, “I’m Gonna Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams” on tonight’s CMT Awards. Hank and Brad performed to a crowd of approximately 30,000 on the streets of downtown Nashville.

    “I’m Gonna Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams” is featured on Hank’s new album, “Old School, New Rules” available everywhere on July 10.

    “Tonight was a special night! Having Brad perform with me and especially on my new album is something special,” Williams said. “It’s a good ‘ole honky-tonk song that Brad-cephus and Bocephus had a lot of fun playing tonight!”

    “I count as one of my greatest blessings in this career being able to get to know Hank,” Paisley said. “When I heard the song, I said, ‘This is perfect’. It’s such a great tribute to his dad. The idea that two of us from this generation are getting together to forget a woman with the music of his father is too much fun! It’s a highlight for me!”

    Hank Williams, Jr.’s new album, “Old School, New Rules”, is set for release on July 10, and is available for pre-sale now at www.hankjr.com.

    It is his first album on his new label imprint, Bocephus Records, which is licensed by Blaster Records under a Warner Music Nashville distribution deal.

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