Hey folks. I hope this topic isn't too whacked for the board. I know I don't get to come here much but I like to think I leave an impression when I do. *LoL*

I'm 41, and I sorta consider myself an old man, and I've usually liked most of Clint Eastwood's movies since I was a kid. I am going to take it for granted that atleast some of you enjoy the action that Clint's movies have.

The Dirty Harry moies, esp the older ones, are among my favorites of Clint's.

About 2 weeks ago AMC ran the whole Dirty Harry series over a 5 night period. I felt it my duty as a fan of Clint's work to atleast check out the older Dirty Harry movies. I said something at work about Clint's movies being on AMC all week and somebody said something about the scene in the movie MAGNUM FORCE where the pimp forces drano down a hooker's throat being copied IRL. My initial reaction was, "NO WAY"! My coworker said that it was and he thought it was some time back in the 1970's but he wasn't sure. I don't know why but I couldn't let this go and I had to find out what the deal was, and I was hoping to find out that this was a stupid urban legend and that nobody ever drank drano; however, my luch wasn't that good.

I hate to say it but some people were forced to drink drano. It was a store robbery somewhere in Utah and these people were taken hostage. I remember 2 of them were employees and others walked in on the robbery. I think there were like 6 hostages taken and only 2 of them survived. One of the survivers was a 16 yo boy that was practically genius smart but was left mentally handicapped by his injuries. This 19 yo girl (at 41 a 19 yo is a girl or boy to me) was raped before she was murdered.

The 2 men that did it were eventually executed. They were both black and all of the victims were all white and the race card was played heavily by both of the murders and even the NAACP.

That whole thing is whacked.

Maybe I shouldn't have went here on a Hank Jr site but it's something that just makes my skin crawl - even if it's almost ancient history.

I'm not about to join any coalition, except maybe the coalition to ban coalitions, and I want all of the R rated film left intact; but I have to admit it gives me a more serious look at the film MAGNUM FORCE. I still like MAGNUM FORCE, don't get me wrong, but I think I have gained a respect for it that I never had before.